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New Ganesha
Cod produs: CGA01001
Disponibilitate: 1
Dependenta lingvisticaIndependent lingvistic
Durata (in minute)30
Numar de jucatori2, 3, 4
Varsta Minima Recomandata8
169 Lei *TVA inclus

**Transportul gratuit pentru comenzi incepand de la 150 lei

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Producător: CrowD Games
Anul Aparitiei 2020
Designer Maxim Istomin
Mecanici Colecție de seturi
Tematica Abstract

Lord Ganesha is an Indian god of wisdom and prosperity. He is a patron of arts, sciences, and creativity. He can remove obstacles from your path.

Ganesha is very smart. What if he had his own board game? What would it be like? We tried to imagine it, and thought that it should be something beautiful.

Ganesha is a very light friendly family game. Each turn in Ganesha, you chose whether to place gems on the mandala to score points or to save them in order to score even more points in the future.

1. Pick up a gem from the Altar. If you have a gem of this color in your "destiny slot", take an additional adjacent gem,

2. Place gem(s) that you picked up onto your Destiny tile (either in the Treasury or in one of the two Destiny slots).

3. On your turn you may take an additional action: sacrifice a gem from your Treasury to move all gems of one color onto the Mandala to score points.

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